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What is an International Lawyer?

An International Lawyer is the Attorney who can handle International Projects.

What is an International Project?

An International Project is the one which may have contract parties from two or more different countries with different languages, with different mentalities, and with different legal systems.

An International Project will usually have a lot of sub-contractors (such as engineers, mechanical engineers, air-conditioning engineers, electro-companies, sub-contractors for the delivery of kitchens, etc), who may come from different countries, and deliver and instal their trade.

An International Project is one which may have financing coming from a third country, or even third countries, several insurance companies for the diverse trades, and, above all, logistics, on which the success or the failure of the project depends.
Every large project ordinarily has two parts to it

1. the Commercial Conditions, which Law Office Dr Poetis ® would be responsible for

2. the Technical Specifications which technical experts, such as engineers, architects, etc, are responsible for

The Commercial Conditions

These Conditions regulate the relationship between the Employer and the Contractor.

For example, in a technical project such as a turnkey contract, no contractor can supply all the materials and all the services by himself for the delivery and installation in a large project.

Consequently, a contractor has to negotiate and conclude dozens of subcontracts, purchasing various trades from sub-contractors/sub-suppliers.

It should be noted here that some additional contracts fall under this chapter such as Know-How Contracts, Licensing Agreements, Management Agreements, Assignments of Patents and Trade Marks, etc.

Who is the potential client?

1. any company that intends to make an investment in Cyprus

2. any company that intends to commence a project overseas

The potential client thus will be a company that embarks on any project with an international element, that involves areas such as, personel, logistics, supervision, construction etc.

This international element may or may not be obvious from the beginning, yet as a rule most projects involve an international element thereby creating a need for an international lawyer such as the services provided by Law Office Dr Poetis ®.